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The Insurance Navy Admiral Car Insurance Mascot.

About Insurance Navy's

The Admiral stands to help Insurance Navy Brokers become a much more recognizable name in the world of affordable and reliable auto insurance.

Helping Customers find Affordable Car Insurance

Why choose the Admiral as a Mascot for Insurance Navy?

A mascot that makes an impression on the customer can help make an insurance product feel more unique, in turn giving the insurer itself more character.

The Admiral Car Insurance Mascot from Insurance Navy

Why have a Mascot for Insurance Navy?

Mascots are among the most effective ways to advertise a service, as businesses in a variety of industries around the world have discovered. As virtual brand ambassadors, they can make it easier for a customer to connect with the business’ products and insurance services. Check out some of Insurance Navy’s Images of the Admiral.

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A Custom Chrome Theme focusing the Admiral from Insurance Navy Brokers!

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The Admiral Car Insurance Mascot from Insurance Navy is a fun way to learn about Car Insurance!